Event held on October 18

Music in the Gardens - Mia Grace & the Aviators

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Event runs from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM


We're excited to announce that this iconic, free, open-air concert is back a little socially distanced dancing! This season’s event will look a little different. We have Mia Grace and the Aviators are set to take the stage and fill our hearts with warm, smooth vocals, melodic guitar riffs and deep tones of bass. These guys will make it easy for you to sing along or dance your heart out, from the safety of your pod. Their soulful music is entertaining for all ages and all music tastes. Our team has been hard at work to develop a format that allows people to gather and enjoy the concert safely. Attendance numbers will be limited to manage social distancing restrictions and are subject to COVID-19 requirements at the time. Please refer to the event website for the latest information.